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    Category Transport and dosage of dust Description

    The POWER SPEED system is the ideal solution for the movement of very difficult materials to transport with systems in vacuum. Ideal for various types of materials, such as heavy granules, abrasive materials (fiber loading), wet and compact powders. POWDER SPEED GR in the gravimetric version, useful for solving the problem of dosing of very dusty materials such as the transformation of PVC into extrusion, or in the Rotomoldeo industry (with ROTODOSING system) The dedicated electronic control POWDER SPEED can be transformed In centralized plant for the transport in dense flow (full tube) up to 64 stations of use. POWDER SPEED limits the wear of the pipe when passing the material (especially in materials with load of glass) since the speed is very low; This factor also eliminates the formation of “angel hair” or the breaking of the granules during transport.

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