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    About us:


    DEGA is an Italian company that was founded in 1978.


    For over 40 years, DEGA has helped its clients to resolve and overcome different technological challenges by creating vanguardist systems. Our passion and current focus is to help our clients solve the needs that their industries demand, and make our equipment user-friendly and easy to operate. This way, clients get a quick return on investment and maximum performance from their equipment, which translates into quality.


    We strive to turn our passion into a reality by investing on robust sales, technical and marketing teams, backed by excellent operators, designers, and engineers.


    DEGA has helped every single one of our clients worldwide to solve the diverse challenges that are faced in plastic-transforming plants and industries in general.



    Our vision:

    DEGA’s vision is to be a highly productive and dynamic group that perseveres to develop and provide integral solutions to our costumers.


    We strive to be a profitable company that generates utility for our actionists and creates permanent opportunities to grow for our employees and commercial partners.


    Our mission:


    DEGA’s mission is to maintain a leading position in the manufacturing and sales of technologically avant-garde machinery that provides savings, productivity, and profitability for our customers. We will accomplish this by having the best group of qualified engineers, that with constant training will achieve the continuous improvement of the production processes in every branch of the industry, and emphasizing respect for the environment in every step of the way.



    Our Beliefs:


    ­We believe that our first commitment is towards our employees and to every single person that uses our products and services.  In order to fulfil their needs and meet their expectations, we have to accomplish optimal quality in every single thing we do. ­


    We constantly strive to reduce our costs in order to keep our prices reasonable and competitive. Our clients’ demands and orders have to be fulfilled fast and adequately.


    Our suppliers and distributors must have the opportunity to gain fair benefits. We are committed to our employees, the men, and women who work in this company. Every single one of them must be considered and respected.


    Our Values:



    We are devoted to showing respect and concern for the needs of our clients both local and national. We will constantly investigate about our clients’ needs in order to fulfil them to the best of our ability.




    We will act with compromise and duty in order to fulfil the tasks that are entrusted to us, for they form part of the key elements that will lead us towards the success of our company.  Responsibility is a value that must always be present in our workplace.




    Being punctual is a way to show respect towards others, for it reaffirms our trustworthiness.  Punctuality for us does not imply an effort, for it is proof that we are able to administer and plan out our time accordingly.




    We commit to maintaining an attitude of helpfulness and collaboration towards others.




    We consider work as an integrating activity that must give as a result emotional, spiritual, and economical satisfaction. Understanding work together in harmony and synchrony will help us achieve out goals and objectives, without wasting any unnecessary time or resources.

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