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    GWM is the result of the experience gained in more than 15 years of installations in the extruders all over the world. GWM is not only a sum between the WM control (meter weight control) and the GDM but it improves the characteristics and increases the productive capacity and the modularity.


    – ALL IN ONE system – gravimetric and wm control from a single position and in a single control

    -Capacity to control material flow up to 1200 kg / h

    -Compact mixing capacity up to 800 kg / h

    -Integrated Touch Screen Touch Screen Control

    – From a single control it is possible to handle up to 5 heads with the use of a pc it is possible to handle up to 12

    -Quick Removal for cleaning and / or material change operations

    -Ability to connect in network for a remote / automated handling of the functionalities.

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