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    ECOENERGY SYSTEM is a modular air / water exchanger that, thanks to its design, allows MAXIMUM ECONOMY in the cooling of process water from hydraulic circuits, condensed water coolers, water cooling for the foundries, aluminum injection, food industries , Chemical industries or for any industrial process where water cooling at room temperature is required.

    The new technology implemented in the construction of the Dry Cooler, combined with our optimum control system, results in an extremely reliable working cycle and allows to reach a water temperature of the Dry cooler with values ​​very close to the temperature of the incoming air , Even when the ambient temperature is very close to the water temperature to cool. The advantage of this type of plant is not only a reduction of electrical energy but also a considerable saving of water, compared to traditional Cooling Towers systems, because the liquid in the Dry Coolers circulates in circuit Closed, so that there is no evaporation or pollution (tartar, algae, mud, acid water) that causes corrosion in the tubes that compose it.

    ECOENERGY AHB is specially designed for climatic zones where the ambient temperature is unfavorable, since it offers water at temperatures of 8-10ºC below a traditional dry cooler system. The state-of-the-art ECOENERGY AHB design consisting of pure copper V-radiators, adiabatic panels, a wetting circuit and a state-of-the-art control system allow ECOENERGY AHB to achieve maximum efficiency and energy savings.

    Dry cooler and cooling towers.

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